Photo Restoration Service

Your family history is important to you, allow me to restore these vital images.

Minor Color Correction

1960s Square Format Picture Color Corrected

Minor Color and Contrast Corrections

Minor Repair and Scratch removal

This sepia photograph had small holes which have been repaired and the light scratches removed. The clarity of the image is also improved.

Minor Restoration

This adorable photograph was over exposed (too much light)

Medium Restoration

This photograph suffered from severe uneven fading caused by both improper storage and over exposure (too much light). I was able to create an even image and bring out the sweet details in her dress.

Medium Restoration

This photograph is very discolored and required extensive work to bring it back to natural colors.

Crumpled Crinled Creased Photograph Repaired

Major Restoration

This photograph had been crumpled and the creases and folds.

Major Restoration

This photograph had been folded and creased in several places.

Makes a great and unique gift for weddings and anniversaries!

  • Basic Restoration

    • Most color corrections
    • Red eye removal
    • Small repairs to non-detailed backgrounds
    • Slight fading correction
    • Clarity adjustments
    • Exposure corrections (Over / Under exposed)
    $10 – $15

  • Medium Restoration

    • Complex color corrections
    • Severe Fading
    • Medium damage to non-detailed backgrounds
    • Repairing scratches & creases in non-detailed areas
    $15 – $35

  • Severe Restoration

    • Removing Major tears though vital parts
    • Removing Major scratches
    • Restoring large missing pieces
    • Removing severe stains

Tips for choosing a Photo:
1.  Clarity is key.  Only photos that are slightly out of focus can be corrected, and only to a point, so choose the sharpest picture you have.
2. Choose a photo that show that person’s personality. What would you like remembered about them?

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