Photo Colorization & Restoration Service

Hello, my name is Alana and I live in the beautiful west coast of Canada. Thank you for visiting!  It’s a one person show here at Colorization.Net. By choosing me, your precious photos won’t be farmed out to uncaring anonymous people. Instead you will be working one on one with me. A young woman with a love of photography and history.


One of the most rewarding aspects of this profession is the amazing personal stories I hear from my clients, who often use my services for a wedding or anniversary gifts.


Above, you will find links to my photo colorization service. In just a few clicks you can send me a scanned copy of your family portrait, or any photo you have that you would like to see in full color.  Using modern software I will digitally re-paint your photo into partial or full color.


I can also repair damage to your photographs. Accidents happen, and not everyone respects their history. I’m glad you came to see what can be done to preserve yours!


Damage to your photographs comes in many forms such as: sun fading, folds, rips and tears, spots caused by mold, the kids grabbed a marker and decided to doodle (eeek). Whatever happened to your family photos;  You would be surprised what can be restored with modern technology and artistry.


I strive to offer the highest quality results.  Don’t worry I won’t take on a job I don’t think I can complete to top standards. Perfectionism does come in handy sometimes. 🙂


Photo Colorization Service & Photo Restoration Service. Offering photo colorization and restoration to clients around the world. ~ All photographs copyright is retained by the original photographers. ~ Colorization work is copy written by Alana Robson. ~ Prices are in Canadian dollars